Maca Root + 92 Mineral Purple Sea Moss POWDER (NEW)

Maca Root + 92 Mineral Purple Sea Moss POWDER (NEW)



Boost Mood and Enhance Your Libido Naturally 

The natural mood enhancing power of sea moss and ancient organic maca will lead you to a land of pleasure and relaxation. 

Purple sea moss supports your natural libido with its rich, ocean-derived nutrients. Maca helps alleviate stress and distraction that may interrupt your utmost enjoyment. It has long been used for its fertility-enhancing and aphrodisiac potential. Maca may also help to naturally balance hormones linked to fertility and reproduction.

Product Highlights:

Our purple sea moss and organic maca powder have been thoughtfully made with Chondrus crispus (purple sea moss). This type of seaweed has been hand-harvested for centuries from the Caribbean sea off the coast of Jamaica and manufactured in the USA.

Sea moss is rich in micronutrients that help support your innate sexual health, including folate, a critical vitamin for reproductive health and fertility. Maca root supports natural reproduction and sexual function. 

Purple sea moss encourages natural detoxification and contains amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals, alginic and fatty acids. Its alkaline nature helps to maintain balance of the body’s natural pH. All of these benefits working together can help set you up to achieve optimal relaxation in intimacy. 

How to Use Bey Moss Purple Sea Moss and Organic Maca Powder 

To support your natural libido and sexual health from the inside out, we recommend taking 3-4 grams a day. 


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