Maca Root Organic Powder (NEW)

Maca Root Organic Powder (NEW)



Boost Mood and Enhance Your Libido Naturally 

Organic maca powder comes from an adaptogenic root that is recognized for its ability to increase energy, reduce stress, and even boost libido. Sourced from Peru, our high-quality maca powder provides a good source of fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and amino acids. Enjoy the sweet taste of maca in smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt and more!

Health Benefits:

1. Increase Energy & Stamina  - If you’re tempted to pour yourself that second cup of coffee, consider maca powder instead.

2. Relieve Stress - As an adaptogenic root, maca powder strengthens our ability to deal with stress and manage anxiety.

3. Boost Your Mood  - If you’re feeling a little blue, maca powder is one of those foods that will make you smile.

4. Nutritional Powerhouse  - Maca powder is a good source of B-complex vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc and iron. 

How to Use Bey Moss Organic Maca Powder 

Start out by using 1/2 teaspoon of maca powder per day. Gradually increase the dosage to 1-2 teaspoons per day.


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