Yoni Bar w/ Soap Pouch

Yoni Bar w/ Soap Pouch



Our Sea Moss Yoni Bar is a luxurious and nourishing self-care product to offer your body and spirit some much-needed TLC. Crafted with a nourishing blend of organic sea moss, shea butter, and a variety of herbs, this bar works to rejuvenate and restore your body's natural balance. Our special formula helps to soothe the skin and reduce menstrual pain, while delivering the benefits of antioxidant-rich sea moss to heal your body from the inside out. While it offers protection from bacteria, it’s also gentle enough to use daily. Enjoy the rich and creamy texture while indulging in the sensual and calming scent of rich herbs. With the Sea Moss Yoni Bar, you can enjoy ultimate bliss and total body balance.

Ingredients: Coconut, palm, safflower oils, aloe vera


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